Vegan Pink Grapefruit Gumdrops

 Gumdrop recipe



Every year at Christmas time I make a ton of cookies to give to friends.  It’s a lot of work but I always feel good about it when I’m done. Generally speaking they aren’t vegan.

This year, however, I was determined to do a better job. I didn’t make nearly as many kinds, and they weren’t all vegan but they were all gluten free. The Vegan, Pink grapefruit Gumdrops were both gluten free and vegan. They were so awesome, I made them again yesterday much to my family’s delight.

I tore the recipe out of a” Better Homes and Garden’s Magazine.”  I’ve not tried the coconut version but I bet that they are every bit as yummy. Just remember that if you are a strict vegan, you’ll want to make sure you are using a vegan sugar (but I know you already know that)!  I splurged for organic corn syrup, organic sugar and organic grapefruits. I saved the peels as well so that tomorrow I can attempt candied grapefruit peels, Martha Stewart Style.  Instead of adding coconut to the sugar, I think fresh thyme might make an interesting variation.

Christmas may be over, but I think these would make a lovely, thoughtful gift for your Valentine sweetie.