Veggie Grill, Portland Vegan Dining

Veggie Grill, Portland Vegan Restaurant

Good Vegan Food

Not the best photo, I know.

Geek had an appointment on Wed.  and Kitty and I tagged along.  It was cold and blustery and when he was done we were all looking for something warm to eat.  We were a little bit further east than we usually go and I’m not all that familiar with the vegan food options in Beaverton. Thankfully, I have a smart phone.  I did a quick search online and then we were on our way to The Veggie Grill.

The Veggie Grill is located in the Cedar Hills Crossing shopping center so parking wasn’t an issue.  If you want to eat there though I’d head over early as there aren’t a ton of places to park your backside once you’re actually in the diner.

I ordered the All-American Stack, Geek ordered the Carne Asada, Kitty got the Uptown nachos and we ordered a side of Sweetheart (sweet potato) fries for all of us to share. Kitty is a big fan of sweet potato fries, so we also got to enjoy her nachos.

I’ve never met a sweet potato fry that I didn’t like, so I thoroughly enjoyed the sweetheart fries. The fries are served with a chipotle ranch sauce. What’s not to love?

Geek ordered my sandwich with the red cabbage slaw and he got the side of chili for himself so that we could try several different items.  He ate the beans but he wasn’t overly impressed with them. The red cabbage slaw was pretty tasty.  I didn’t try his carne asade but he devoured it and said that he would order it again. I really enjoyed my all-American stack. It was grilled vegan steak, thousand island dressing,  pickles,  lettuce, tomato and crispy onion rings all stacked on a wheat bun. It was  super tasty and the best part was that it was vegan. The nachos were good too, we sort of fought over the last of those.  I  forgot how yummy a good nutritional yeast sauce can be.

Three thumbs up from us, we’ll definitely be going back. The Veggie grill is conveniently located next to a Powell’s Booktore and a New Season’s market health food store.  I can easily see myself killing an afternoon over there.

Oh! Price!  Both my All American Stack and the Carne Asada were $8.95. The Sweetheart fries and the nachos were both $4.95. That’s pretty spendy for a fast food lunch, but not really when you consider that you’re getting a full menu of vegan goodness. You could probably feed a family of 4 for $20 at sonic, but would you really want to? See? It already seems like a better value!